Seven attitudes of a believer.

Author: Rev Esther Holmes
May 05, 2019

 1.  Joy is the attitude, love Jesus first, then others and then myself.  Agape love is a deliberate act of my will, not a sentimental emotional act.  It means I am willing to lay down my life, my desires, and pour out myself for others even if they do not appreciate it or are underserving.  No selfishness meaning you come to a place where you are the last one you consider.

 2. Instead of being one of the crowd, you are willing to be singled out, set apart from the gang.  Most of us want to belong.  The self life yearns to be liked and to fit in which appeals to our selfish egos.  The attitude of humility is a must and the life of Christ is a life that has been set apart from this old worlds attitude and principles.  

3.  Instead of insisting on my rights, I am willing to forego them in favor of others. Deny self, pick up the cross and follow Him.  You have to give up that pride of life and be willing to be second or last instead of first. Is that your attitude.

4. Instead of being boss, you are willing to be at the bottom of the heap.  You just simply want to please God and others, no longer driven to accomplish anything else.  Is that your attitude?

5. Instead of finding fault with life and always asking why your attitude is now gratitude no matter if you like the circumstances or not. You don't focus on your loss or hardships but are content to focus on Jesus.  

6.  No longer demanding your way or will but willing to obey even unto death.  Only His will matters in your heart attitude of life.

7. An attitude of complete contentment in following Him wherever He leads, trusting that He knows what is best to conform me to His image, so that now I act like Him, and react like Him.  

I have met people who can sing a song all the time but yet in daily life have such a selfish attitude, not even considering others feelings.  This should not be the case, we need to go over this simple list and get our hearts adjusted by the Holy Spirit in an attitude that pleases Christ our Lord.  Most want to lead Jesus instead of follow Him.  May the Lord continue to remind us to check our attitude in our daily walk and be sure  it is His Holy attitude where He is first, others are second and we are least of all and last on the list.  God bless and keep you.