Three in One Ministry

About Three in One Ministry

Three In One Ministry spreads the gospel to the world. The name came to Rev. Esther as she was thinking about how to describe Jesus for who He really is and she was led to read First John.  In this book He is described as Love, Light & Life (3 in One) to all that believe. 

This ministry does the works of love, shining light into darkness, and bringing the life of Christ to all mankind.  We evangelize in any way that we can, preaching and teaching truth.  We help people learn how to apply the Word in their daily lives and we pray for the needs of the people who contact us through this website.  We are working on additional audio and video sermons.  One day we hope to have a Help Center locally, offering diverse ways to teach and train people for Kingdom work as well helping as we can in ordinary life issues.    


About Reverend Esther

I have been an ordained minister since 1991.  The Lord has blessed me by calling me to preach and teach His Word.  I started to preach in the prisons and on the streets. Later on I did conferences, tent ministry, and revivals in seven States. Then my husband and I heard from the Lord to open a Church.  We ministered there for 25 years but during that time I still traveled.  I was able to go to the Philippines and to Mexico preaching and teaching the Gospel of Christ.   I always see the Lord come in a great way, stirring the lost to salvation and the Body of Christ to love Him more.  I am nothing and He is everything, He is the Love of my Life. 

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I know that there are so many places to give offerings to and therefore I desire that you do as you should always do and that is to seek the Lord about donating to this ministry.  Follow His lead always. Our money will go to spreading the gospel around the world both by preaching and teaching at churches and conferences, getting the message out through various technologies, and the development of a local Help Center (Jackson, MS) where all walks of life can come for help with daily spiritual and emotional needs through various Bible classes, life skills classes, and one on one personal ministry.