John 15- The main four words are Fruit-Love-Hatred-The Comforter Part 3

Author: Rev Esther Holmes
February 16, 2019

John 15: 9:17  Now Jesus teaches his disciples the importance of Agape Love and tells them to continue in His love after He isgone and to keep all the commandments.  He also states that he abided in His Father's love.  He says he speaks these things that his joy might remain in them, so we see a connection here that if we walk in that love we will have his joy.  He tells them they are his friends IF they keep his commandments.  Now in verse 16 He  mentions fruit and reminds them that he chose them they didn't choose him, and he ordained them to bear fruit and that it should be fruit that remains.  Look at these verses closely, we see such wisdom and such concern for them.  Jesus instructs them in how important their behavior is and tells of how he will reward them for obeying his teachings. The love he mentions here is a fourfold love certainly not human but spiritual.  1. He speaks of the Father's love for him and he was about to suffer all things but his knowledge that his Father loved him would carry him through. This knowledge of the Father's love for us should carry us through our trials etc.  2. He then tells the disciples he has this same love for them that his Father has for him.  Now think on that for a few moments and joy comes which should remain in us forever.  3. He exhorts them to continue in this kind of love for each other.  If we don't have his unselfish love in our hearts we are nothing but a clanging brass cymbal.  Read the love chapter and wash yourself with it on a regular basis.  Eph. 5:2 And walk in love, as Christ also has loved us and has given himself for us an offering and sacrifice to God for a sweet smelling savour. 4.  Their love for one another was a command and if you love someone you treat them as Christ treats you.  He is saying go and love others as I have loved you, is that not the most unselfish love the world has ever seen that he laid his life down for all people even those who hated him.  He teaches us to love even our worst enemy that doesn't mean we justify their sin but speak truth in love and pray for their souls to be saved.  Think on these things and be sure you are walking in his love.  Amen