The Depth Within The Wall – Part 3

Author: Rev. Esther Holmes
May 10, 2018

Think about it!    (See the Book of Nehemiah)
An instrument is raised up – with the vision and God’s passion to fulfill it.  They may not be the one you or others would choose, but God in His wisdom chose them, stands by them, and proves that this was of Him.
The instrument has seen the vision of God; seen the purpose; become captured by that thing which God has purposed from eternity and seen it in greater fullness than others.  AMEN.
The peculiar treatment of the vessel chosen by God.
His dealings with a chosen instrument are very different than His dealings with other people.  His ways with them are very peculiar, so they have their own peculiar perils. They become involved in peculiar conflicts, strange pressures, strange happenings, strange ways, and God is dealing with them in relation to specific purpose.
Nehemiah is a representation of all that we have just said.  Remember the wall is a figure of Christ and how He is from Heaven’s standpoint. Heaven is very interested in this wall.  What it means to God’s people- a great conclusive, defensive stronghold.  The last wall mentioned in the Word (Rev 21:12) is a wall of magnificence; a wall of gems; it is the perfections of the glories of Christ.
The correspondence between Nehemiah and Acts…
He recovered His testimony in full on the day of Pentecost.  In both books you see a move of God taking place.  In Nehemiah you see God has moved on this man and put a desire in his heart to be discontent with how things are.  In Acts, God is moving on a nucleus of people, giving them a vision and one passion of the Heart of God.  Neh 4:6  The people had a mind to work.  The people in Acts also had a mind to work.
The governing motive in both is an absolute fullness, completeness, sufficiency and finality of Christ.  This is what they were committed to in their day.
Let us today lay hold of the same spiritual passion to fulfill the full purpose in our lives.  There should be an unbroken testimony of the Lord – people dominated by God’s purpose and moved with God’s passion.
Are we??