It Only Took One Look

Author: Rev. Esther Holmes
May 10, 2018

Think about it!  It only took one look for Peter – how quickly do we repent?
Luke 22-54:62; 31:34
1.  Disowned Him because his own life was in danger (self).  Pretended not to understand the accusation.
2.  One who tells a lie then has to tell another
3.  Not only denied being His disciple but that he knew Him (cursed Him)
Cock crowed – to startle Peter and help awaken him to the sin which he was snared into.
The Lord turned and looked upon Peter –
1.  Christ takes more notice of what we say and do than we think
2.  Peter disowned Christ, but Christ didn’t disown Peter though He had a just reason to
3.  Jesus knew though Peter’s lips spoke words against Him, Peter’s heart was still towards Him.
Convincing look – as to say “do you not know Me, Peter?”
Chiding look – a look that showed great disgust
Expostulating look – demanding look
All the disciples ran when He was arrested, but Peter boldly promised he would not.
What Peter, art thou he that disownest Me now, when thou shouldest come and witness for Me?  The one who was the boldest to proclaim Me as The Son, the one who promised to never disown Me?
Compassionate look – tender; See Peter, how weak thou art if I don’t help thee & how even you fall without My grace & power?
Directing look – to retire and think for himself and then he would see what he had to do
Significant look – grace in Peter’s heart to enable him to repent; even God gives us the Grace to repent.
The cock crowing would not have alone brought him to repentance but there must be Grace – Power to change a heart…
Peter remembered Christ’s words (the Word bring us to repentance).  One look from Christ melted him to repent. Not the look but the Divine Grace – made no impression on the High Priests – had not the Holy Spirit as Peter did.