My Power Is My Love Through Faith In God

Author: Rev. Esther Holmes
May 10, 2018

Eph 3:14-21  The power that works in us is His love.
The Life of Love –
First – The response of the Bride (Song of Solomon 4:16).  One who has learned to know her beloved and not only receives His love but can return it to Him and others. Phil 4:12 – Their life is not hinged on circumstances.  They can adjust to any circumstance. Phil 1:20-21
Second – (Song of Solomon 5:1)  The reply of the Lord.  He is now able not only to give to her but to receive from her the fruit of His Spirit and He sees the travail of His soul.  Now a full dedication – a life offered to Him that is full of the labor of His own love.
When one gets saved, we are like an uncultivated piece of ground and the Holy Spirit plows this ground until it is fertile and ready for planting.  He then waters, cleans, prunes, preparing for harvest.  The last and full dedication is powerful for then the fruits of this land begin to come forth.
The power of God is quenched if we don’t mature in God’s love and in God’s Faith.
Visible means hinder faith.  Heb 11:1  Then read and study the Love chapter in I Cor. 13.  Remember it says we are nothing without Agape Love in our lives.  Love never fails because God is Love.