What Does The Wisdom Of God Profit You?

Author: Rev. Esther Holmes
May 10, 2018

Think about it!   Prov 3:13  Happy is the man that finds wisdom, and the man that gets understanding.
Ecc 7:11-12; 9:16-18  The wisdom of God is His Word.
As we tread the path of wisdom (complete subjection to God and His Word) we discover that wisdom’s ways are ways of pleasantness and all wisdom’s paths are peace.
I John 5:3  His commandments are not grievous.  Ps 19:11 In keeping them there is great reward.
What does it profit us to keep God’s Word?
Col 2:6  Ponder this command diligently, Satan is deceiving many today by leading them to suppose that they are trusting in the finished work of Christ while their hearts remain unchanged and self still rules their lives.
Ps 119:155; I John 2:4; Luke 6:46; James 1:22  We feed on the Word when we personally appropriate (to take for one’s property), masticate (to chew), and assimilate (to absorb) into our lives what we hear or read.
Luke 12:47; II Tim 3:7  One of the prominent characteristics of the perilous times.  People hear one preacher after another, attend one conference after another, read one book after another, listen to one tape after another, and never do more than store knowledge but don’t allow it to make a change.  (Spiritual Dropsy)
Titus 1:1; Mic 6:8; Ecc 12:13-14; John 15:14
1.  A man profits from God’s Word as He realizes God’s demands on Him.
2.  A man profits from God’s Word when He discovers how entirely and how sinfully he has failed to meet God’s demands.
3.  A man profits from the Word when he realizes God has provided grace to His people in order that they can meet His demands.  Col 3:23
4.  We profit from the Word when we not only see it as our duty to obey God, but when we come to love it and do it that’s better for us.  Ps 112:1; 119:97, 127
5.  Profits when a person is yielded to all God’s commandments- partial obedience is no obedience at all.
6.  We profit when the soul is moved to pray earnestly for grace.
7.  We profit from the Word when we are enjoying the reward of obedience.
I Tim 4:8  Godliness is profitable unto all things.  I Peter 1:21  Purifies our souls.  Isa 59:2; Jer 5:25
By obedience we obtain precious and intimate manifestations of Christ.  John 14:21
He that hears My commandments and keeps them, he it is that loves Me: and He that loves Me shall be loved of My Father and I will love Him and will manifest Myself to Him.  (Praise God)