Why Should a Christian be in Heaviness?

Author: Rev. Esther Holmes
May 10, 2018

Think about it!   II Tim 3:12 All that live godly will suffer persecution.
Heaviness will overcome a Christian when people we believe in turn and judge us and ridicule us all in the name of the Lord.  Kick us when we are down.
After experiencing a season of closeness to God, you will find grievous trials will follow.
How do we deal with this? We must understand why these things happen to us.  Ask God questions about the trial, understanding gives comfort and strength.
If need be – I Peter 1:6.  That is the secret.
If such proves needful – for you not someone else – a different purpose in it. God has appointed it.  Not an accident but in order to bring me to perfection, that we are made more and more conformable to His image.
Manifold temptations are not always chastening.  If we become slothful in our discipline He will chasten us.  Heb 12 “Whom the Lord loves He chastens”
The Lord may require this before He will entrust to you a big task.  You will be tested.  Joseph – what a dismal life, put through many trials, his own people turned on him. He was sold to the enemy, everyone turned against him.  But in all this God was preparing him for the great position he had for him.
God sends a series of small trials to prepare us for the big ones.  The lion and the bear prepared David for Goliath.