Where Are Your Treasures?

Author: Rev. Esther Holmes
May 10, 2018

Think about it!  The poorest people in America live better / would be considered wealthy in many foreign countries.  Cats in America eat better than some that are considered wealthy in foreign countries.
Mat 6:21  Your security;  Reason for this advice Col 3:1-4
Mat 12:35  Renewed hearts – wise words.  Evil hearts – evil words (vain talk).
Ecc 1-2  Knowledge, pleasure, material things, work projects, women.  Solomon was looking for fulfillment. You can’t feed your flesh in all these ways and then say I’ll give up one of these and live “holy”.  We must change our lifestyle of living pleasure and loving pleasure.  You’ll never have total victory until you change your attitude.
I Tim 6:5-12  America is full of dissatisfaction and as long as we have the lusts for more and more, we will never be satisfied in Christ.
Three Principles for changing this lifestyle:
1. Let God bless you – spending money that isn’t needed and is extravagant is a sin.  Is your greatest cause yourself when it comes to spending or is it Christ?  We wonder why God doesn’t bless us – could it be that were to busy blessing ourselves?
2. Simplify your lifestyle.  Mat 8:20 The Son of Man has no where to lay His head.  Mat 6:19  Anything above what you need is treasure.  Trying to liberate us from a lifestyle of things.  If you don’t have things you have nothing to lose.
John Wesley said, To our Master it is as great a sin to make things #1 (lay up treasures on Earth) as it is to commit murder or adultery.
Take a test – Subtract all bear necessities from your income and see what’s left – then look at where it goes.
Get up every day and ask what can I do to lay up treasure in Heaven? Think like this daily – make a missions jar at home to collect change and stick an extra dollar here and there.  Give your time to God. Tithing, offering, looking for the opportunity to help someone daily.
Where is your heart?  Parable of the talents – we will give account for our time, life, and money – and what we’ve done with it.  Accountability – are we serving self or God?  When someone looks at your life, what lifestyle do they see?