A Life of Discipline

Author: Rev. Esther Holmes
May 10, 2018

Think about it!       II Peter 1:1-10
Most of us are living lives which are seriously lacking in discipline and in order and in arrangement.  I Cor 14:33, 40
Distractions are numerous.  Excuses of why we don’t have the time for church, church work, for prayer or Bible reading and study are numerous also.
Cause – A sheer lack of discipline.  You have to do it. It can’t be done for you.  No sense in complaining about circumstances; it simply comes back to this: we all have time.  We are failing to put our life in proper order.  Examine your priorities.
Relationship with God – Marriage/Family – Ministry
All diligence – make every effort to do these things. All zeal – be more zealous to do these things than ever before.
Greatest characteristic of a Saint greatly used by God – discipline and order.  Heb 11:6
Add to your faith – you furnish the performance (put action to it). Add to it – virtue – energy, power and vigor. Walk with strength, don’t just shuffle along.  Add to virtue, knowledge – not doctrine but understanding or enlightenment – strive for this, seek it, work for it, labor in prayer and study – it doesn’t just happen.
Add to that temperance – self control – you must have self control in every area of life.  Add to that patience – endurance, keep on through everything that discourages you. You have to add this to your faith day by day.  Add to that godliness – careful about our relationship with God.  Brotherly kindness – our attitude towards people in the church.  Charity – love towards people outside the faith.
Remember who you are – you are partakers of divine nature.  Don’t forget you have been purged from your old sins.  If we want our election and calling sure, we must be diligent and do all these things daily.  Then you will have happiness and joy.
If you do all these, your reward here on Earth is that you will never fall.
Last and greatest promise – If you discipline your life, put your life in order and furnish out your faith and with all these other qualities you’ll never fall in this life on Earth and when the end comes you will have added to you a promise of a great entrance into your eternity with Christ!  Hallelujah!