The Spirit of Devotion

Author: Rev. Esther Holmes
May 10, 2018

Think about it!  Matt 6:6; Lev 27:28; Eph 1:3
Devotion is the wholehearted and irrevocable giving up to God of something which may never be taken back again.  The person or thing becomes most holy to the Lord.
Eph 1:17 A Promise.  Col 1:9  Be filled with the knowledge of His will in all wisdom and spiritual understandings.
We must seek the Holy Spirit with a desire to be wholeheartedly devoted to Christ.  Remember He brought you out and wants to lead you in.  Deut 6:23
Remind God’s people they have been given the power by the Holy Spirit to be totally devoted. Mark 9:23  All things are possible to those who believe.
1.  Seek.  Matt 6:33
2.  Yield.  Rom 6:19
3.  Receive. Accept the truth.
Do you really not have any time to be alone with God?