Jesus and His Yoke

Author: Rev. Esther Holmes
May 10, 2018

Think about it!  Matt 11:28-30  About spiritual disciplines that are available to us to enter into your gracious, accepting presence and receive from you all that you promise.  How you, Lord, nurture our souls.
Harness energy – yoke connects two together for purpose.  You need to know your divine purpose.  Young mules are yoked with older mules in order to train them for working purpose.  Breaks them in to harness abilities.  The younger may try to break away but the older pulls him back in and along side.  Younger may lag behind or push ahead the older makes him get in step at steady pace.
Take My Yoke, Jesus said.  Connect with Me – for learning and training purpose.  Imitate Me in all that you do.  WWJD?
I will be next to you, the stronger reasoned – one who will impart to you all that I am.  God with us.
Eighteen inches separate head and heart but if one doesn’t experience the love of God it’s like being a million miles away.  We can’t be loved without being changed.  When yoked with the God who is love.  When we experience God’s love we grow lovely.
When God began to reveal His Son to me, whom I am yoked to, I began to see that I believed terrible errors about myself.  I thought my self worth was dependent upon what I had and how I looked and how I measured up compared to others.  I once thought God’s message to me was “you don’t measure up so shape up or else”.
Truth was – Jesus wanted me just the way I was – He wanted me to open my heart and except His love.  That love covers a multitude of sin.  That love causes me to desire Him more.
The Yoke speaks of the Promised – imparted presence of God.  He wants to show us our purpose.  We are called into a salvation that includes visitations.  Heb 13:5  Never will I leave you or will I forsake you.