Looking at the Waves

Author: Rev. Esther Holmes
May 10, 2018

Think about it!  Matt 14:22-33
Where is your faith?  The disciples had faith but they weren’t focusing it on their particular problem.
First, notice the person of our Lord.  He is walking on the waves and allows his servant to do the same.  We see Him in control of our nature. We must first be clear about Him before we can begin to understand faith.
Peter starts off full of faith and ends up empty.  It happened quickly.  This particular sea has storms drop down suddenly without warning.  Remember, the Lord is off praying, the disciples are in the midst of the sea without Him and the storm starts up.  So when Peter stepped out the waves were already raging.  So why did he become frightened and desperate?  O thou of little faith wherefore didst thou doubt?
1.  Peter’s temperament – great energy, his capacity for quick decisions, enthusiastic, impulsive – constantly lead him into trouble.  This type of person is either on top of the mountain or totally dependent.  Tends to act without thinking.  He was always first.
2.  Concerning doubts – sometimes we produce our own doubts.  Peter produced his own doubts when he paid attention to the waves.  You may have doubts but still have faith; it will be weak faith.  If doubt rules you, your faith is bound to be weak.  James 1:6-8  We must never allow doubt to rule.
Antidote – Great Faith
1.  Knowledge of the power of Christ.
2.  A steady trust and confidence. True faith is what Peter had when he stepped out on the water for he put action to it.
Antidote – Knowing the principles of God.
John 8:31  Weak faith always comes back to question.  There was no excuse for Peter to look at the waves in fear he had already dealt with that issue in the boat.  Reject doubtful thoughts – James 4:7
True Faith – persists steadily at looking toward him. Phil 1:6 – confidence in Christ.  Keep steadily looking at Him and you won’t doubt.  Peter started off with great faith but instead of going on in it he tried to live on it.  We live by Christ and walk by faith.
Rom 8:38-39
Charles Wesley: Faith, mighty faith the promise sees, and looks to that alone. Laughs at impossibilities and cries – It shall be done!