The Depth Within The Wall – Part 2

Author: Rev. Esther Holmes
May 10, 2018

Think about it!     (See the Book of Nehemiah)
Neh 5:5  The state of God’s people – bankrupt, in bondage & death.  Gal 5:1  They had chosen to be entangled again with the world’s bondage.  There was a mixture in their lives and this helped destroy the law.   God’s people should be marked by vision &  passion.  Knowing the mind of God; His will and His purpose.
God deals in a peculiar way with the vessels who are wholly after Him. They become involved in peculiar conflict, strange pressure, happenings, strange ways of God.
The wall – Christ toward heaven, Christ as presented to the world, and then as presented to Satan and the evil forces. #4 it represents God’s people.
Neh 4:6  For the people had a mind to work. Corresponds to the Book of Acts.
Are we people with a mind that there shall be a full, unlimited and unbroken testimony of the Lord – people dominated by God’s purpose and moved with God’s passion? Are we?
The laborers are few.  Two things must be consistent – the spiritual condition behind it and your testimony.  Rebuilding the wall then just means that in some way a testimony is being recovered; that the Lord’s people are to be a free people; that the creditor is paid off and sent about his business!
Walls are meant to be protection against all fears.  Deliverance from the bondage of fear. Rom 8:15
Wall also speaks of all debts paid – by grace!  Speaks of God’s rest for His people (entering into His rest).  As soon as the wall was finished they recognized the Sabbath and rested.
Wall being restored – restored purity; restored tithe. Mal 3:9  Not just giving a tenth of our earnings. Tithe of everything. Not giving God part but recognizing that it is all His; just as you are to serve Him with your whole heart and not in part.
The work & the workers.
God always begins from completeness. Man falls away from the fullness and God moves in and starts progressing and recovering the fullness.
Every fresh movement of God is marked by 2 things.
Intrinsic fullness – something which has all the potentialities of the whole.
His movements are always an advancement upon those which preceded them.  Every movement of God sees an addition to what He has done before.

Although He may have taken these steps before in recovery, it has been progress, and the next step will be further on in His work of recovering the original fullness.