The Journey is too Great for You

Author: Rev. Esther Holmes
May 10, 2018

Think about it!   Get your life back in control – for the journey is too great for you.
I Kings 19 – Elijah lost control for a season.  Life Mt Carmel – he thought he was the only one left.
On our path here on Earth we must first learn to:
Sit (our position)  Eph 2:6
Walk (our lifestyle)  Eph 4:1
Stand (our attitude)  Eph 6:11; II Chron 20:17
Put the whole armour of God that you might be able to stand.  Devil wants to roar at you and move you – effect your life.
Greek – “stand” with the following preposition “against” means to “hold your ground”. Precious hidden truth.  We are not to march but to stand.  Not allowing the enemy to take what rightfully belongs to us because of what Christ did at the cross.  Our weapons are defensive not offensive. The ground Christ won He gave us; we are not to go and take foreign land but to stand and watch that devil can’t take what’s already ours.
Stand fast in the faith.  I Cor 16:13
Stand fast in liberty.  Gal 5:1; Phil 1:27
Stand fast in the Lord.  Phil 4:1
Stand perfect and complete.  Col 4:12
Our job is holding not attacking.  He gave us victory in order to hold our possessions.  Stop struggling to occupy ground that is already yours.  Rom 8:37
We don’t fight for victory but from victory.   Overcomers are those who rest in the victory.
Satan’s primary object is not to get us to sin, but to simply get us off the ground of perfect triumph onto which the Lord has brought us.  Thru the head, heart, intellect, or feelings, he assaults our rest in Christ or our walk in the Spirit.  Faith says Christ is exalted.  Faith says we are saved by grace. Faith says we can do all things thru Christ.  Faith says whatever you ask in His Name is yours. Faith says fight the good fight of Faith and when you’ve done all you can do just stand and see the salvation of the Lord.
A house built on the sand will not stand. Only what is built on the Word will stand!  Isa 40:8