Fast your way to Victory

Author: Rev. Esther Holmes
February 12, 2019

Think about it!  How often do we hear a good sermon on the importance of fasting and praying?  We might be blessed to hear a message on the importance of prayer but to add fasting to it just doesn't draw the crowds.  I was raised up by leaders that taught me both valuable principles to keep fresh in my walk with the Lord.  I believe it has been an in valuable teaching that has helped me to mature in Christ.  No I haven't arrived but I am still going forward in gaining knowledge of Jesus and His ways.   When any living thing is fed it continues to live and when it isn't fed it eventually dies.  We need to declare war on this old evil flesh.  I would encourage you to read Isa. 58 and look at the blessings that come from the right kind of attitude in fasting.  When man fell, God drove that type of humanity from His presence.  He placed a flaming sword at the gate that said in effect, "Your kind cannot come into my presence." Remember no flesh will glory in His sight, God's ears are closed to flesh the "carnal".  Gal. 5:17 For the flesh lusteth against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh: and these are contrary the one to the other: so that you  can't do the things that you would.  The river of life can't flow through flesh we must deal a death blow to that sin nature by consistent fasting along with prayer and a heart after God.  Paul said, mortify the flesh and its evil deeds then the new man through Christ can rise and live in the power of the Spirit.  Isa. 58:11 And the Lord shall guide you continually.  The greatest life is to live in the will of God, to live in a place where God can tell you where and what you should do.  Romans 8:14  For as many as are led by the Holy Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.  The word sons here is speaking of a mature saint.  Please, pray and study this topic in the Word of God, even Jesus fasted 40 days and nights in the wilderness.  Study to see the Fast way to Victory in Jesus.  You will find there are many ways to fast and the Holy Spirit will give you direction as you seek this truth.  God bless and keep you.  Think about it!