Let Us Keep to the Point

Author: Rev. Esther Holmes
May 10, 2018

Think about it1  Phil 1:20  Be absolute and wholly surrendered to obey even unto death.  Determined to do actually what God wants.
Will you go without knowing?  Heb 11:8 Don’t expect to know every day what God will have you doing, just rest in the fact He knows what He is doing.  He reveals Himself to us not what He plans to do.
Clouds and darkness.  Ps 97:2  The words that I speak to you (not the words that I have spoken) they are spirit and they are life.  The Bible is clouds and darkness to us until He gives light and speaks it directly to us.
Why cannot I follow Thee now?  John 13:37  Don’t fill in the blank space, but wait on God.
The afterwards of the life of power! John 13:36  Jesus first called Peter by saying Follow Me but after the resurrection he said it again with a new meaning.  Between these times Peter denied Him and was brokenhearted.  He came to an end of himself, he was now ready to receive an impartation of the risen Lord.  He breathed on them – Receive ye the Holy Ghost.  The idea is an invasion.
Worship.  Gen 12:8 When blessed  by God give it back.  Worship is giving God the best He gave you.  All your love, attention, time, devotion, obedience, etc.  3 stages in Christian life – worship, waiting, and work.  These 3 should go together.  It takes discipline to put them together. It takes discipline to put them together and not be like a spiritual frog – jumping from one to another.