The Depth Within The Wall – Part 1

Author: Rev. Esther Holmes
May 10, 2018

Think about it!    Neh 1:4, 2:12, 6:3-16  We must fast & pray.  God is watching us and Heaven is concerned with our progress!
Three things are essential to a fullness of the Christian life.
The realization that God is concerned with the accomplishments of something worthy of Himself.
For His people to understand what it is that god is concerned with so we will cooperate with Him and not hinder.
His people must realize this object in the Heart of God and cooperation with Him involves very real conflict and cost.  His people must face that and be ready to accept it.

Where there is no conflict and no cost there may be reason to feel that the outcome is not worthwhile. Nehemiah brings forth these 3 things – “A great cost”, “A great work”, and “A great conflict” – the wall, the work, the warfare – the calling, the conduct, the conflict.
And it is with this work that we are to occupy until He comes. Luke 19:13
God uses delays to test us as to our real concern!  Hag 1:1-11
Nehemiah’s delay brought him to a point of soul starvation and a place where if anything was going to be done, God would have to do it.  This brings forth real spiritual value.  People who will be used by God greatly will take their travail to prayer and will find themselves in this position more often than not until they learn the value of intercession.
We must know what spiritual state is really about us. Then ask God’s courage to face it and do it.
The object – the wall.
The wall was a defining factor stating the character of the temple within.  The real character of Christ.  The wall has a distinction – only what is of Christ can pass this and can be within. The wall (of fire – Zech 2:5) represents a defense.  To protect the Lord’s interest and His people from anything that could change their character.
Beware when conditions are bad; you may tend to hang on to anybody just to have somebody.  I John 2:19
The wall is Christ on two sides.  One side shows Christ outwardly; on the other side represents what Christ is to His people. Nehemiah wasn’t rebuilding the wall but repairing it.  “It didn’t need new foundations” Neh 2:17
“That we no longer be a reproach”
How did the wall get in this condition? IDOLATRY – Sometimes the Lord’s way of deliverance is to allow you to have your fill of it.  Anything that you put before the Lord in your heart – anything that’s not of God.  The wall must match the beauty of what is within.