In His Name Do I Come!

May 10, 2018

Think about it!   Read Acts 10:43; Heb 1:4; Phil 2:9-10; Matt 1:21; Mark 16:12-18The full works of Christ – the source of the believers power is in His Name.  Demons tremble at the mention of His Name.
“In My Name” expresses the full power of authority.  If one fully uses this power, he will do the works of Christ.
Jn 14:12-15, 15:16; Acts 1:8, 3:6, 16; Jn 16:23-26; 20:30-31 – Life through His Name.
We have the legal right to use His Name in the following deeds:
Salvation, Baptism, fellowship, worship, good deeds, combat, preaching, healing, judgment, prayer, praise, all things, receive the Holy Spirit, and doing the works of Christ.
Col 3:17
His Name is the church’s deposit and all checks receiving His signature will be honored in Heaven as well as on Earth.