Time To Take Off Your Grave Clothes

Author: Rev. Esther Holmes
May 10, 2018

Think about it!    Ask: God, how is it wisdom for a child male or female not to have a Father in life?  It leaves such a vast, empty place and makes the child grow wounded, wildly impulsive, and feeling deeply inferior.
Answer:  God allowed that big empty place so the He, your Heavenly Father can fill it!
To the wholeness – to the reintegration of life shattered by abandonment and disintegrated by sin – the Appointed One came and healed a broken heart!
When the Father fills the emptiness of abandonment, you rejoice so much that you feel sorry for those that didn’t have that great big hole for Him to fill!
I began to realize that all the things I saw as shameful and wounding, God had wisely given to me as His means to shape my reason for being.  My purpose in life became clear.  I exist so that others can know Him as Father. So that they can have wonderful conversation with God as their Father.  All I’ve been through, good and bad, happened as I was on the Potter’s wheel.
Alcohol, drugs, poverty, abandoned, broken relationships, divorce, fears, rejections – I was (and am) being shaped in such a way, sometimes painfully, so that my soul can be filled with God.  Wow!