Let Us Go Into The High Places

Author: Rev. Esther Holmes
May 10, 2018

Think about it1  I Sam 9:12-19  A sacrifice to get there.  Maybe that’s why we aren’t all there? Pay a price!
Deut 12:5-6, 14:23-25, 15:20, 16:2-16, 18:6, 23:16, 26:2
How to get in the high places – fasting, prayer, obey the Word, praise, and worship.  They went into the high places and gave tithes and offerings, free will offerings of their first increase.
Deut 18:6  Come with all your mind on God and you’ll receive a like portion.  Even slaves will dwell in the high places without oppression.  Deut 26:1-11  A land of milk and honey.  We must rejoice in the high places for the Lord has delivered us from all our enemies!
I Sam 10:5  Prophets coming down from the high places.  I Sam 12:8  God desires us to dwell (live) in the high places. Commanded to dwell there – not visit.   I Sam 14:9  Be still in the high places and wait for the Lord’s instruction on how to defeat the enemy.  You must be disciplined to be still.
Some go to the high places but can’t stay because they aren’t disciplined in fear of God to the fullness of Christ.
I Sam 14:46  Enemy has his own high places
I Sam 19:2  High places of Christ hidden from our enemies.
I Sam 26:5  We can see the enemy there
II Sam 7:10  God will appoint a place for you. Rev 2:17; Col 3:1-3