Struggling For Identity

Author: Rev. Esther Holmes
May 10, 2018

Think about it!  We experience promise when we imitate Jesus, that is, as we wait on, listen to, and obey the Father.  Promises of God are like a magnetic force just ahead of us pulling and shaping the strong metal of our God created identity.  In God’s presence the little idea called “me” dies and God’s idea of “me” comes into being.
Only as we experience profound change will we ever hope to see life transformation in the people.  Our vocation is secondary to our identity.  So important to allow your God given identity to emerge.
We can’t run fast enough to escape our past.
Example – Men without dads feel sidelined, kept from getting to “suit up” for the game of life. They often play the role of the nice guy or the funny guy to hide the pain. Wild impulses can come forth from traumatic rejections and are actually eruptions of suppressed rage.
Rage is not necessarily outrage.  Inner rage can stem from traumatic events that receive no meaningful explanation.  Example – A ten year old never given an explanation on their level about divorce.  If not helped the child begins to build an identity solely based on escaping the past.
When you look back on your past you may see vase junkyards of inner wreckage and recognize that God answer to it all is Rom 8:28.  When we see that takes the wreckage and junkyards and brings promise in order to push us into God’s purpose.  We became free to accept the past and move on to the identity in Christ.
Ps 139:16 – Wow!
We must allow God to bring closure to the events of our past by reality and not allowing denial.  Wisdom among other things is the ability to devise perfect ends and to achieve those ends by the most perfect means.