Becoming A Storyteller Like Jesus

Author: Rev. Esther Holmes
May 10, 2018

Think about it!  He expounded the Word by stories and parables.  Why? To provoke the people to think.  He treated all people as thinkers. He knew His stories would stimulate the presence and the power of the imagination of His hearers.
With the Holy Spirit’s revealing work, common people would find themselves encountering the living god and facing Jesus’ challenge to make life-altering decisions.  Religious leaders of Jesus’ day didn’t think common people could think and they refused to believe women had a right to think.
Stories invite participation.  Once the story is told and the imagination is engaged, the Spirit works – people are brought to a decision.  Where am I in this story? What will I do to finish the story?
Luke 15 – Prodigal Son.  Did the self absorbed and self righteous older brother heed his father’s words or not? Jesus doesn’t tell us. The story is not brought to closure.  It doesn’t come full circle.  Why? Because we are pulled into the story and pressed to create the ending with our choices.
Jesus was brilliant.  He was the best Word Teacher who ever lived.  Balance speaking the Word and allowing the Spirit to use illustrative stores to provoke the people to choice and decision.  Humans have the ability to hear, discern, and decide on the basis of homespun stories.  Jesus still allows humans to think, feel, and decide.