The Leper & The Centurion

Author: Rev. Esther Holmes
May 10, 2018

Think about it!     Matt 8:3-5
The Leper – represents the Jews who most of which refused Christ – only one leper healed – showing Christ’s remnant is small compared to the majority.  Healed thru the touch of the Lord – represents the fleshly relationship the Jews had with Him.
“The servant of the Centurion is a Gentile” – he is healed without a touch – just a word.  He hears the word and believes – never saw Christ.  Gentiles saved by faith.  John 20:29
Leprosy represents uncleanness of sin and speaks to the Jews.  Palsy signifies the infirmity of sin and it refers to the Gentiles. Fever represents the feebleness of the flesh in obeying God.
Sin causes weakness as well as defiles.  Uncleanness needs to be washed by God.  Weakness needs to be countered with strength.
Peter’s mother-in-law is healed because of her intimate relationship with Peter and the Lord.  If a person doesn’t worship the Lord, his leprosy is never cured.
Verse 10 – Faith speaks of God’s authority – is absolute, unrestricted, freedom of action or right to act.  Satan went against God’s authority – not His power.
Verse 22-34 – Lord save us – we perish – only when they see they are perishing do they call on the Lord. (Do you call on Him only in times of trouble?)  Due to their cowardice they presume that they will perish.
In all the confusion Jesus is still teaching, it’s easier to deal with natures storms than with His disciples. Nature obeys always immediately but not people.  All fears are due to unbelief!
In Mark 4:35 Jesus had already said lets go to the other side.   They evidently didn’t believe His statement.  Paid little or no attention to His word. Twice the word arose used in this section. (v24 & v26)
Little faith in contrast to the great calm. Verse 2-17 gather up several miracles – verse 18-27 relate His presence.  Winds and seas have no intelligence so the Lord must be rebuking the demons behind these winds and sea.