The Bride of Christ

Author: Rev. Esther Holmes
May 10, 2018

Think about it!     Eph 5
When the bride is:
Sick – He tends to her and heals her
Crippled – He helps her walk and straightens the twisted limbs
Lame – He gives His strength
Betrayed – He reminds her He will never leave her
Offended – he mends her broken heart
Poor – He causes there to be no lack
Wounded – He heals by His power to forgive
Stumbling – He picks her up, dusts her off
Weary – He causes her to lay down in green pastures, He gives His refreshing oil
Sad – he brings joy out of knowing Him, encourages her
Lonely – He says here “I Am”
Hiding – He draws her out with love
In danger – He protects her
Abused – He sustains her and delivers her
When her enemies come upon her like a flood, His Spirit builds a standard against them.
When His bride says Come – He will answer.
Jesus constantly watches over His bride. Jealous over her. Touch not Mine anointed!