A Holy Remnant

Author: Rev. Esther Holmes
May 10, 2018

Thinking about it!  God’s training a Holy Remnant – I want to be in it!
This army will be more dedicated to Christ than any army ever was to their leader!  Devoted, loyal, fearless – ordinary people that get a hold of God.  Don’t fret over the condition of the church.  I Sam 3:11  A shocking thing that God does.  The death of an old church system and He raises up another.  He’s always had a remnant.
I Sam 2:12  Eli represents the old system (world) – fat, doesn’t hear from God, soft on sin, refused to judge sin, comfortable, didn’t want to offend anyone.  Sons – the dead cold church – a form of godliness but denying the power thereof, no fear of God, but ministered to the people.
I Sam 2:27  I’m going to take My Spirit from you.  I’ll take My anointing.  I Sam 3:13; 4:12  Eli fell dead when he heard.
Jer 7-9  Where there’s sin in the camp the glory will depart.  God trained up Samuel (name means God heard my prayer) to lead a Holy Remnant.
I Sam 1:10  Remnant always prays diligently. Hannah was there every day before the Lord. Her adversary harasses her constantly, born in grief, sorrow, misunderstandings, trials.  Eli – falsely accused her.  Eli was so out of touch with God he thought her to be drunk and corrected her – not his sons.
Ps 62:8  Empty yourself before God.  This remnant will know how to pray and touch God’s heart.  They will walk in His love.  The people came to Samuel and didn’t ask for counsel but asked him to pray.  People learned to trust his prayers.
The Remnant will be trained to know the voice of the Lord.  Spiritual authority in the church – more than a “thus sayeth the Lord” – a people who live it daily.  My sheep hear My voice when I call.  God talks to those with a pure heart.
The first thing God taught Samuel was how He hated compromise in His church.  Not going to have to run to someone to get a Word from the Lord.   This Remnant will be trained in true deliverance. Deliverance will mean safety.  the Remnant will be at peace in the middle of it all.  Get in the Bible – on your knees. I Sam 7:7-10; Dan 11:32-35  Men’s hearts will fail them for fear.  They called for Samuel and he judged their sin and led them back to God.