Accepting and Expecting

Author: Rev. Esther Holmes
May 10, 2018

think about it!  A messenger of the Cross must Accept and Expect.
Accept – to take something offered; to receive.
Expect – to anticipate the coming of something.
Eph 1:6; 9:12  They couldn’t accept Christ as the Messiah because He wasn’t what they expected.  Job 42:9  Maybe your prayers have been answered but you can’t accept or see the answer because it isn’t what you expected.  His ways are higher!
Christ accepted the cross and expected the resurrection.  Do you?
You can’t walk in victory unless you accept and expect.  Can you accept the cross in your life and expect deliverance?  If you don’t accept and expect you’ll never be able to effect others.  After you accept and then grow to expect, you’re then living in the Spirit of the cross.
Why accept Christ and then expect defeat?  Don’t you realize the full work of the cross?  Jesus not only solved the problem of sin but pronounced the sentence of judgment upon Satan!  Heb 2:14-15; Col 2:15; I John 3:8  Jesus came to bind the strong man.  Matt 12:29
We must expect to see Satan defeated in our lives and the lives of other Christians.  He (Satan) is the defeated foe! Rev 12:11
When your assaulted, stand on the ground of the cross for you have accepted now expect the victory.
II Tim 2:15  The Messenger of the Cross
Accepted Christ as Truth – expects Truth to set them free (deliverance).
Accepted healing – now expects it!
Accepted that God heard them – expects an answer.
Accepted the trial – expects victory.
Accepted the promise of their household being saved – now expects to see it fulfilled.
Accepts that they aren’t sufficient but expects that Christ will be through them.
Accepts the crucifixion of the flesh and expects the resurrection of Christ’s life in them.
Accept – Whatsoever you ask in My Name, in faith this I shall do for you – expect exactly this promise to be fulfilled.
Phil 1:20; Heb 10:11-23  Praise God the one we accepted is faithful so we can expect Him to keep His Word!  Are we keeping our promise to Him?  Are we allowing His Word to do the work in us as it needs to? Bringing us to holiness, denying the desires of our flesh?