I Shall Not Be Moved

Author: Rev. Esther Holmes
May 10, 2018

Think about it!  The motto of a Christian warrior!  Read Joshua 4; I Chron 12:8 (11 mighty men fit for battle brought in 120,000 of the enemy) 12:21 – ALL were might men – not just the officers.
Men of war are solders – they must be trained to be obedient.  II Tim 2:4 – man that wars; one who endures hardship for Christ.  Rev 20:9 – Army of the Lord.  II Tim 2:21 – Ready for battle at all times.
Warrior – a person who fights in battle.
Conqueror – one who overcomes in war by making the effort.
Overcomer – the winner (Rev 2:7); they overcome problems, hindrances, troubles and so forth and make their enemy their captive (I John 2:13-14)
To be a warrior who is affective you must be living God’s Word, have all idols removed, be obedient, fearless, and courageous. Be of good courage! Allow preparation.
I Thes 5:23  Some aren’t sanctified in all 3 areas – Spirit, Soul, Body
Rom 12:21 Be not overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.
A warrior must exercise faith – stripped of self.  Heb 5:14
Faith in action.  James 2:17-22
A soldier goes to battle not only with his weapon and ammunition but has to put the ammo in then aim and pull the trigger – it doesn’t just happen.
No water until the ditches are dug.  No oil until the vessels were full.  No healing until the leper dipped 7 times. No Messiah until the way was prepared.  No harvest until the ground was broken. No reconciliation without repentance.
Joel 2:13 Rend your heart; not your garment!
No vision without obedience.  No resurrection until the stone is moved.  No entrance into Heaven without cleansing.
A warrior will not be moved by – trouble, sickness, disease, what people say, what people do or have done, afflictions, doubt, famine, failures, changes, disappointments, discouragements, storms, tests, or fears.
Because – Col 1:23  I won’t allow my hope or faith to be moved.  Ps 125:2  The Lord is encamped about me!