Walking in the Spirit

Author: Rev. Esther Holmes
May 10, 2018

Think about it!  Romans 8:15  Coming out of your comfort zone.  A mind set on the flesh is hostile towards the mind of God / His way of thinking.
Three things which constitute living in the flesh:
1.  Comfort (a) one who hides from adversity which takes them out of the ease and comfort (b) security (c) gets upset over every inconvenience in life.
2.  Demanding requirement and an over importance for life – you have a right to have something and have it when you want it.   Pleasure – taking comfort one step beyond. Example – comfort demands supper where pleasure demands dessert. We become fat and lazy in our spiritual life.  We get comfort and don’t appreciate it.
3.  Entertainment – how long is your attention span? Life without entertainment in this country is unheard of. The more entertainment you need a day shows how much you lack walking in the Spirit.
Walking in the Spirit is looking for opportunities to love the unlovely.  Heb 11:25  We have sin in our life because we are addicted to pleasure first.  Rom 8:8  Our lives are suppose to please God.
The life of pleasure and comfort is hostile towards God.  Rom 8:6, 11-15  Mind set on flesh is death.  Walking in the flesh is walking in the characteristics of death.
Walking in the Spirit is walking in the characteristics of Christ.