8 Commands of Husbands

Author: Rev. Esther Holmes
May 10, 2018

Understand your position as the head of the household men, so that you may fulfill it.
Head of wife.  Eph 5:23
Love wives as Christ loves the church.  Eph 5:25
Love wives as own bodies.  Eph 5:28-33
Nourish, bring up, care for, protect.  Eph 5:29
Cherish – foster.  Eph 5:29; I Thes 2:7
Be joined as one flesh.  Eph 5:30-31
Leave parents for wife.  Eph 5:31
Cleave to wife.  Eph 5:31; Mat 19:5
Do this and you will be a man of integrity and will be favored of God, family, and in the church.  A man of prayer, of the Word, of war, and of valor.  II Chor 17:13-17